Atari PC3. Ακόμα ένα σπάνιο σχετικά PC. Σε άριστη κατάσταση με τα εγχειρίδια του και τα κουτιά της Atari.  Μερικά χαρακτηριστικά.

System Specifications: 8088-2 Processor
640k RAM
Onboard EGA Graphics (NSI Logic EVC315-S on early boards STMicroelectronics EGA on later revisions)
Chinon FZ-502 5.25″ 360k Floppy Drive or Epson SMD-380 3.5″ 720k Floppy Drive (Dual or Single)
Seagate ST-238R 30MB RLL Drive (Hard Disk System)

Microsoft MS-DOS v3.21 and GW BASIC v3.2
GEM Desktop EGA v2.2
GEM Write v1.01D
GEM Paint v2.0

Atari 83 Key XT P.C. Keyboard
Atari PCM1 Mouse
Atari PCM-124 12″ EGA Monochrome Monitor or Atari 14″ PCC 1415 EGA Monitor (later release).

pc3_002 pc3_001 pc3_007 pc3_010 pc3_004 pc3_008 pc3_003 pc3_009 pc3_011 pc3_005 pc3_006 pc3_013 pc3_012

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